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Welcome to Port Libraria
A Sharing Page for Librarians

The purpose of this web page is to share my professional and graphic creations and those of some of my colleagues with other librarians and media specialists.

The usual rules for educational sharing apply: You may use any of the materials and ideas located here free of charge as long as you do not use them for a commercial purpose.

It would be nice if you can give credit to the originator of any ideas/graphics you use, but it's not a requirement.

If not otherwise specified, materials on this web site are my work.

For updates and additions to this page, please visit the "new and improved" version of the site:

Potpourri of Library Resources

located at

Medal Template

Debra W. Waugh,
Librarian/Instructional Technologist
The Emmett G. Shufflebarger Library at
Graham High School
Bluefield, Virginia

BookSplash -- Welcoming New Teachers -- Tips for Starting the School Year -- Book Club Names -- Recommended Links -- Miscellaneous Tips

BookSplash: A Program to Promote Reading

BookSplash Ideas (PDF Document)

BookSplash Ideas (Microsoft Word)

BookSplash Events 2003/2004 (PDF Format)

BookSplash Events 2003/2004 (Microsoft Word)

Teaser Flyer (Small)

Teaser Flyer (Large)

Big Fish 1

Jewel Ornament

Information and Welcome Packet for New Teachers

Newsletter 1A - (Microsoft Word Format)

Newsletter 1A - (PDF Format)

Goodie Bag for New Teachers:

Small candies
Individual bags of microwave popcorn
A bookmark, and
Some novelties from Oriental Trading Company (
The novelties will include a metal belt clip compass key chain
(for when they feel lost in their new school),
something in a fish or starfish motif to remind them of the BookSplash promotion,
a plastic mug with a smiley face for when they need a friendly face, and
some resin dogs with bone welcome signs.
Of course, the newsletter will also be included
along with other informational materials and forms.

Other Information Materials and Forms

Collaboration Form (Microsoft Word)
Collaboration Form (PDF Format)

Colored Trumpets


Shonda Brisco's
Tips for Starting the School Year

Shonda Brisco is the Librarian at
Trinity Valley Middle School in Fort Worth, TX,
and is an active member of LM_Net.
Her favorite method of de-stressing currently is
taking a 4-mile daily walk in preparation for
a 5K run for a good cause next Spring.

  • Make yourself available to all of the teachers, especially the new ones. They'll appreciate your helpfulness in this new environment.

  • Set your library schedule as early as possible and make it available to everyone, including your administration.

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. Be realistic about what you can get done...and don't try to do everything perfectly.

  • Offer your teachers a library lesson guide so that they can write down the topics and dates that they plan for class research in the library. This will allow you the opportunity to gather some resources, collaborate with the teacher(s) on the assignments, and be prepared to team-teach, if possible.

  • Stay in contact with your teachers (by e-mail or a newsletter) throughout the year. Let them know what's new, what's happening in the library, and when you're available. If they see you're willing to be there to help them with some of their projects, it makes approaching you much easier. Some teachers are still apprehensive about approaching the librarian with class'll be making the first move toward them by offering your help!

  • Try to set your professional calendar before the school year begins, if possible. Write in those local, state, and national conventions and ask for the days off in advance, so your administrators will know what you're planning. If you do this before school begins, most administrators won't be overwhelmed with other requests and may see no problem with you attending--especially if you offer a substitute or have alternative plans A and B ready to offer.

  • Know what your goals will be for the year. Write down some of the major and minor things that you'd like to accomplish in the library. For example: MAJOR--Create a library website this year; MINOR--weed out the outdated encyclopedia sets. This will give you some guidance during those times when you aren't working on a specific classroom project. It also allows you to offer your administrator some goals that you've set, and to show what you've accomplished at the end of the school year Remember: document...document...document.

  • Be your own best PR agent. Let your teachers, administrators, students, and parents know what you've done this summer and really advocate your library programs. Tell them that you've weeded the collection, added new titles, and adjusted shelves during the summer. Let them know about new displays and how they relate to the curriculum.

  • Remember to take time off when it's available. We can all burn out by trying to do everything. Try to engage in one activity that allows your to burn off the excess energy, stress, anger, confusion, or other emotions that build at the beginning--and throughout--the school year. Meditation, yoga, kick-boxing, aerobics, Harley motorcyles...anything that gives you the edge and revitalizes you will make you a better librarian, professional, and person to be around.

Flower Globe

Looking for a name/theme for a Book Club?
I've run across these:

Reading Pals
Book Buddies
Let's Roll into Reading
Get Into G.E.A.R. (Get Excited About Reading)
Book S.L.A.Y.E.R.S (Supporting Literacy Among Young Excited ReaderS)

If you have a great name for a book club, please send it to me and I'll include it here.

Recommended Links

There may be different rules at these sites for using the material found there.
Please do not borrow their material without permission.

Y's Guide to New Library / School Preparation by Alice H. Yucht

Ask Dr. Jami - Helping Teens Cope - (A Guide to Bibliotherapy)

Library of Congress Professional Resources for Librarians

Miscellaneous Tips and Ideas

Dealing with Anger & Frustration